Xafinity SIPP Webinar


SIPPs & Commercial Property


For financial advisers only. This webinar is not for members of the public.


At Xafinity we administer more than 1,650 commercial properties for our SIPP and SSAS clients. Every day we’re approached by financial advisers asking about putting property into SIPPs, so we weren’t surprised that in our last financial adviser poll 76% identified 'SIPPs and commercial property' as the No1 topic they wanted our support on via webinar. 


We have a wealth of experience in this area and we wanted to share it with you.


Broadcast on 07 October 2015, this webinar focusses on holding commercial property within a pension scheme, with case studies covering:

  • Environmental screening and flood risk

  • Role of solicitor

  • Multi member purchases

  • Exit strategies

  • In specie property contributions

  • Property development and associated requirements

This webinar is now available on-demand. If you are FCA registered and would like to watch a recording, please visit the Webinars section in our Financial Adviser Centre.

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