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We perform a slightly different role for SIPP and SASS products.  Here are some details about those different roles.


SIPPs (XafinitySIPP and SimplySIPP)

Our SIPPs are set up under a Trust.  The assets in this Trust are owned by ‘Xafinity Pension Trustees Ltd’ (on your behalf).


A Trust’s Scheme Administrator is responsible for ensuring that the Trust follows all the appropriate pension rules and regulations.  If the Trust does follow the rules, then it will benefit from tax advantages and avoid any extra charges.  Our Scheme Practitioner is ‘Xafinity SIPP Services Ltd’, which is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.


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Xafinity SSAS

When dealing with a SSAS, we can act as either the Scheme Administrator or the Scheme Practitioner.  The main differences between these roles include:

  • Scheme Administrator

Every scheme must have a Scheme Administrator, who is legally responsible for:

  • Compliance - ensuring the scheme complies with pensions law (and therefore benefits from tax advantages and does not suffer any extra charges).

  • HMRC returns - completing and submitting returns to HMRC.

When we’re appointed to the role of Scheme Administrator, we use a sole signatory bank account for all transactions. This helps the Member Trustees to delegate the transactions’ administration and can also support compliance.

  • Scheme Practitioner

A scheme can choose to appoint a Scheme Practitioner to help the Scheme Administrator and the Member Trustees comply with pensions law.  If we perform this role, we’ll help with all aspects of the scheme’s administration – but ultimate responsibility lies with the Scheme Administrator.


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