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We provide a comprehensive service offering for defined benefit pension schemes.  We provide highly tech enabled actuarial and investment advice, and we have a complimentary administration business so that we are able to provide a ‘one stop shop’ for pension support.


For Trustees:


Actuarial services

Your scheme actuary appointment is a personal matter. You have every right to expect your actuary to be competent, professional and understand the regulatory framework you operate in. These days you should also expect her/him to be engaging, helpful and good at making the complex appear simple and straightforward. It’s this second group of qualities you’ll struggle with if you’re searching for someone to help you.


We place huge emphasis on these qualities so you have better, more focused discussions and your decision making is more effective and more efficient.


We’ll deliver on this more through the style we adopt than the tools we use, although you will have access to state of the art technological solutions.


We’ll treat our appointment to help you as a personal matter and invest heavily in getting to know you and your issues. We’ll then work with you in a very personal way. If you want to discuss how, please get in touch.


Investment consulting services

Since the FCA has referred the investment consultancy industry to the Competition and Markets Authority, the UK’s anti-trust body, you’d be forgiven for being suspicious of the market. We welcome the investigation because it will uncover many of the things we believe are wrong with this sector of the market place. If you talk to our investment team, you won’t find prejudices against passive management or a reluctance to be judged on results. Quite the opposite. We pride ourselves on getting off the fence and giving our clients real guidance. And being assessed against the outcomes.


We’ve had real success over the last 12 months in helping trustees better understand their balance between risk and expected return. In many cases we’ve used software to help but in many, we’ve simply used our consulting skills and outlined the alternatives.


Our culture means we’re not constrained by house views. Our consultants will help you frame your objectives and give recommendations that are personal to you. In many cases, the solution may be relatively straightforward. If it is, we’ll say as much – this is pension scheme investment after all.


If you struggle to answer the question ‘How much risk am I taking for how much expected return?’ then we need to talk.


Administration services

Do you have service levels that your administrator claims to be hitting most of the time but you sense something is not quite right?

Are your personalised stewardship reports standardised computer print outs?


Does your administrator still refer to 10 working days as a ‘standard’ turnaround time?


Were you startled to learn that recent error you spotted was because calculations were not as automated as you thought they were?

Are you still waiting for member web access?


If these questions sound like you, the administration world has moved on and we’re at the forefront. Using technology and a personalised approach, you’ll find our administration service reassuringly different to what you’re used to. If you want to discuss how, please get in touch.


Specialist de-risking

De-risking takes several forms – managing assets, managing liabilities and using insurance products – and it’s not always easy to retain a systematic approach as the market and the press speculate about the latest new ideas.


We can legitimately claim to be market pioneers in de-risking and we’ve a wealth of experience across managing assets, liabilities and using insurance products. And introducing new ideas. What makes us different is our focus on the long term objective. That’s why our systematic approach is so important. A de-risking exercise is only successful if it takes risk off the table and we never lose sight of this.


An example is our trivial commutation centre of excellence. We have developed something truly unique so members can access the support they need and take up is maximised. The result is trustees increase their likelihood of meeting their objective – reducing long term risk.


If you want to discuss our approach to de-risking, please get in touch.


Governance services

You may need help in setting up your governance structure so that you:

  • Focus on what really makes a difference

  • Make effective decisions

  • Operate efficiently

The solutions could be wide ranging, e.g. you may need to outsource your secretariat function, have someone who acts as the Pensions Manager you used to have or simply advice on operating professionally and proportionately. To discuss, please get in touch.


Packaged services

We’ve applied our strong Defined Benefit background to design an innovative, packaged solution for smaller DB schemes. We call it DB Sense and it will improve your DB scheme’s governance, reduce your costs and minimise the hassle factor. It allows you to benefit from the type of high quality DB services and solutions traditionally only made available to larger schemes, whilst allowing you to retain your own trust.

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For Employers:


Managing DB risk

Do you feel that your DB risk management is either out of control or subject to the vagaries of the triennial valuation process? With our more personalised, proactive approach, it’s amazing how much you can reduce volatility and stabilise contributions yet maintain (or even improve) the chances of meeting the benefit promise.

Our approach is based on setting clear objectives and collaborating with all stakeholders to get the best possible outcome.

To discuss our approach, please get in touch.


Pension scheme accounting services

You may need help in preparing your accounting disclosures. This is more than just number crunching. You need an approach that allows you to understand the relevant assumptions being used and engages with auditors well in advance. You should also expect proactive advice on how best to reduce or remove volatility. Our personal approach to helping you will deliver what you need.

To discuss our approach to pension scheme accounting services, please get in touch.


DC pensions advice

The DC pensions arena is changing rapidly and will continue to do so. Does your DC strategy have clear, personal objectives and does it deliver? And how do you know whether it is delivering?

Do your members have access to freedom and choice flexibility and if so, do you understand the risks involved, to you and to them?

If you need help making sense of the DC pensions world, please get in touch.


DC master trust

Are you looking for a DC pensions arrangement that:

  • Gives members guidance on their path to retirement?

  • Enables members to have freedom and choice flexibility at retirement?

  • Provides the comfort of trustee level governance, without the overheads?

  • Allows transfers from a DB arrangement?

  • Provides a vehicle through which you can consolidate your deferred DC members?

Our master trust, National Pension Trust provides all these via a low risk, AAF accredited arrangement with a successful track record.

To discuss further, please get in touch.


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