Strategy for Defined Contributions Investments


A DC (Defined Contribution) pension scheme’s sponsoring employer and trustees are responsible for members’ good outcome. We can help with issues including member engagement and appropriate default investment strategies.

If you’re responsible for the governance of a DC scheme, then you are also responsible for ensuring that its members receive a good outcome.  We can support you in this responsibility in a variety of ways, including:

  • Member engagement

We have years of experience in making sophisticated investment structures easy to understand for a scheme’s members.

  • Default investment strategies

Our experts use our award-winning software (ModelSolutions) to design appropriate default strategies that support members’ retirement goals.  We will also regularly review these strategies and ensure an appropriate risk profile.

  • Risk management

We proactively monitor and manage a scheme’s risks (inflation, interest, capital, and conversion) to ensure the best outcome for its members.

  • Performance and cost savings

You can be 100% confident that we’ll work to maximise your scheme’s performance and minimise costs.

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