Strategy for Defined Benefit Investments


Your scheme’s investment strategy will in most circumstances have the biggest impact on the assets risk/return characteristics.  Its formulation therefore warrants a good deal of trustee focus and attention and our consultants are well placed both to support you in determining your strategic objectives but also in implementing them.


Establishing objectives

  • What are you looking to achieve and how long can you take getting there?

  • Our consultants can help you frame these questions in the context of your scheme’s particular circumstances.

Risk or return

  • What are the drivers for your Scheme?  Are you striving to make your assets work harder or is risk in its myriad of forms a bigger influence.?

  • How does the Company covenant impact the determination strategy?

  • We will answer these questions having regard to your Scheme’s requirements and formulate a strategy and structure underpinning it consistent with your goals.


The quest for return no longer simply resolves around high performance funds (although there is a role for them to play) but now incorporates broader based funds and access to sectors not previously available to most pension schemes.

Our consultants will guide you through the range of options now available to trustees and their role as part of the wider strategic considerations.



Schemes have more matching asset or risk mitigation options than ever before.  With the efficiencies associated with Liability Driven Investing funds, we can help make sure you optimise the matching asset funds at your disposal.

  • Liability Driven Investing

It is not too good to be true; there are risks and trustees must be aware of them before proceeding.

  • Variance at Risk

The Regulator is using this metric. "What is it, and what role does it have in the establishment of a scheme's investment strategy?"

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