Manager Selection for Defined Benefit Investments


Our experts can help you find the investment manager that is right for your scheme.  With access to our exclusive in house database supported by our external third party partners there will be a wide universe of prospective mangers available to you.  This is important as all investment carries some element of risk with the appetite for risk varying from scheme to scheme.


The starting point of the process is the specification or job description for the manager’s role taking into account not only the desired asset class, investment related requirements and risks and return objectives but also the current roster of managers which may have a considerable bearing or the mangers recommended.


Quantitatively we assess:

  • Philosophy

  • Investment Process

  • Staffing

  • Research capabilities

  • Fees

  • Performance

and qualitatively:

  • Ownership

  • Culture

  • Staff

Our research capability covers all the major investment sectors both within the UK and internationally. These include:

  • Equities(UK & global)

  • Bonds including gilts, credit and absolute return

  • Liability Driven Investing

  • Property

  • Multi Asset Funds

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