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Providing DC Flexibility

The National Pension Trust is a multi-employer Defined Contribution scheme, designed to address a number of challenges that face employers, trustees and members.


Founded by Xafinity in 2009, the Trust has a track record of delivering against those challenges, and now has over 100 sponsoring employers and over 25,000 members. Recognised in the industry for its quality and innovation, the National Pension Trust has achieved the RQM, PQM ready and Mastertrust Assurance Framework (MAF) accreditations.


The National Pension Trust is unique in having all of the following attributes within a single, packaged solution:


Full benefit flexibility for members

Since the changes to the DC landscape were announced, both Employers and Trustees have been wrestling with how best they can help members access the new freedoms available. Typically the costs and risks of doing so are a barrier to achieving this within existing arrangements.
The National Pension Trust is able to offer members the full range of DC benefit flexibilities (indeed it is the only fully flexible mastertrust to be awarded the recognised industry accreditation-AAF 02/07). It is also able to do so with no promotional risk to the Employer-unlike other products offering flexibilities.  


The National Pension Trust can be used as a 'retirement' scheme for your members to access their benefits flexibly. Members can retain access to your main DC scheme to grow their benefits and use the National Pension Trust to enjoy them from – both providing a high degree of member support.


We are delighted to be one of only 3 schemes nationally that hold the new Retirement Quality Mark – evidencing the quality of governance and communications support provided to retiring members.)


Member access and support

The National Pension Trust’s economies of scale keeps member charges low and transparent, whilst ensuring high levels of support are provided.


Interactive modellers, a helpline and “web chat” help members to understand and engage with their savings – throughout their journey.


No ongoing cost to the Employer

All costs can be met via a competitive annual management charge on members’ funds and well within the government charge cap of 0.75%. If the employer wishes to subsidise the annual management charge, a fee based option is available.


Removes governance & compliance burdens

The National Pension Trust is governed by a Board of Professional Trustees who regularly review all aspects of service provision. Individual service providers appointed by the Trustees are market leaders in their fields, collectively delivering superior service to the Trustees and members.
The Board of Professional Trustees uses their experience and technical expertise to make sure the National Pension Trust is appropriately governed. The design of the National Pension Trust ensures that participating Employers do not carry any compliance risk.
The Professional Trustees:

  • Continually monitor and reviews all service providers, to ensure members receive excellent service

  • Do not require the employer to create a separate governance committee to address investment.

Proven track record

The National Pension Trust was established in 2009 and has a proven track record for its bespoke investment strategies as well as for its service delivery (including, since April 2015, the new benefit flexibilities).
A few more points to consider:

  • 2010: The National Pension Trust was the first mastertrust to be awarded the Pension Quality Mark by the NAPF in recognition of its high levels of governance, communications and member support.

  • In 2013, The Trust was granted PQM ready status.

  • The Trust’s administration team has the quality accreditations of IS0 9001:2008 and AAF01/06.

  • The Trust is amongst the first mastertrusts to obtain the AAF 02/07 Type 2 accreditation for mastertrusts demonstrating its high quality governance and administration standards.

  • The National Pension Trust has more than 100 participating employers.

  • We have been administering retirement flexibilities since 1979, through SSAS, SIPP and Trust based schemes.

  • In 2016, the Trust gained the new Retirement Quality Mark – 1 of only 3 schemes to do so. This accreditation recognises its ability to effectively support members to access their benefits flexibly.

How Schemes are using NPT

The National Pension Trust is the complete DC solution.
Employers can use it for:

  • An at-retirement decumulation vehicle to complement your existing scheme, supporting members to access the freedom and choice flexibilities now available;

  • Discharging the cost and liability of deferred DC members;

  • Their main scheme providing a high quality solution, which is highly governed and can be branded to look and feel like your own scheme.​

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