Corporate Strategic Consulting


We know that you appreciate the value of your employees to your business and you invest in their health, wellbeing and engagement. You deserve a healthcare consultancy that is flexible in its approach and will work to meet your aims and objectives. We use our experience to create solutions that are:


  • Relevant

Our experts will help you define your organisation’s health and wellbeing needs and design a solution to meet them.

  • Bespoke

If the market does not currently have a product or service to meet your needs, we’ll work with Providers to create it.

  • Sustainable

We work closely with clients and Providers to create realistic and deliverable solutions that will stand the test of time.

  • Appropriate

An actuarially based evaluation of the right options for your scheme, not just following current trends. 

  • Efficient

By understanding the market, we use our expertise to engage with the Providers in the right way and at the right time to secure the best outcomes for our clients.




Kim Strugnell - Xafinity

Kim Strugnell