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Maintaining the health, wellbeing and engagement of your employees is a significant corporate challenge. We are experts in partnering with clients and providers to deliver creative, realistic and sustainable responses to these often complex challenges. We do this in the following stages:

  • Understand your needs

We’ll work closely with you to fully understand what it is you and your employees want from your health and wellbeing investment.

  • Evaluate current provision

We carefully review every element of your current health and wellbeing arrangements, to evaluate its effectiveness and identify any gaps or overlaps in provision.

  • Actuarial assessment

By fully understanding how fiscally efficient your current arrangements are, and overlaying your attitude to risk, we can assess the most appropriate financial structure for your health and wellbeing scheme.

  • Design a solution

Our experts will create the most effective solution, taking into account your organisation’s corporate objectives and culture.

  • Deliver a plan

Although we specialise in complex challenges, our experts will ensure that your scheme is realistic, simple to deliver and communicate, good value for money and sustainable.


Because our healthcare solutions are innovative and customised, they are also very cost effective.  We’ve found that our bespoke schemes can deliver ROI (Return On Investment) of up to £96 for every £1 spent.


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