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In recent years, the potential investment solutions available have increased in number and complexity. Mindful of the Pensions Regulator’s push on Integrated Risk Management, you need to carefully consider the best governance structure to meet your needs. One of the options that is growing in popularity is to outsource portfolio design and implementation – this is known as Fiduciary Management.


You may have decided that you simply don’t have the time to invest in acquiring the necessary skills to do this yourself. In this case you may be considering (or have already considered) using a Fiduciary Manager.


We can help you overcome the two barriers we see many schemes facing:

  1. You don’t know what’s the best option for you – There are 17 providers with different skills and varying approaches. Choosing the best fit and approach for you is difficult.

  2. 2. You’re nervous about what will happen next – You retain legal responsibility for investing your scheme’s assets but are delegating more than you ever will have before. Potential Fiduciary Managers will give you loads of information but you need to interpret it.

Our Fiduciary Management Oversight service

Fiduciary Management has a role to play in addressing the governance challenges faced by some schemes. Trustees who are considering using Fiduciary Management need specific, independent guidance. The Pensions Regulator has also identified this need.


Given that we are not and do not intend to be a Fiduciary Manager, we can help you independently address your challenges. We have helped a number of our existing clients in this way.


We can help you with:

  1. Selecting your provider – Being independent we can give you an independent view on the type of approach that will suit your needs. We have extensive knowledge of the 17 providers and their approaches. We will guide you on what typically works well in practice and your selection specifically. We can provide the level of detail you want to help you find the right Fiduciary Manager.

  2. Monitoring your provider – We will fill any information gap meaning you have full, impartial information on all the areas necessary to understand how your chosen Fiduciary Manager is performing. Again, our service is bespoke to your needs. Our monitoring and oversight will ensure you have full clarity and transparency over your scheme’s investments.

Our team

You’ll be placing a great deal of trust in us so you need to feel assured that we’ll deliver. Our team has successfully worked on a number of cases where trustees have required help in both selecting and monitoring their Fiduciary Manager.


Delivery will be overseen by our Fiduciary Management Oversight team which includes handpicked individuals who have worked for Fiduciary Managers.


It often helps to talk through your current thoughts, in particular:

  • Your objectives;

  • Your governance concerns;

  • Your current views on Fiduciary Management; and

  • Your concerns.

We’d be happy to have a call to discuss this with you.


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Nigel Heaton

Fiduciary Management Oversight Brochure

For more information download our Fiduciary Managment Brochure from the image above.