Retirement Support


Help your members to select the most appropriate form of benefits on their retirement. This support is of great importance considering the breadth of options now available following the 2014 Budget including cash, income drawdown or an annuity. 


Selecting a form of benefits

The decisions which your scheme’s members take upon retirement are some of the most important decisions of their entire life.  The difference in retirement income when a member chooses the most appropriate type of annuity can, for example, be as much as 100%.


We can work with you to support your members in choosing the most appropriate form of benefits, whether that be:

  • Conventional annuity

  • Investment-linked annuity

  • Income drawdown

  • Combination of above-mentioned options

Annuity options – helping members deal with complexity

Members are often confused by all the options available to them when they want to choose an annuity. We’re experts in supporting members through these choices, including:

  • Understanding the options

  • ​Ensuring members' health issues are taken into account as this can have a significant impact on their benefits

  • Helping your members to get the most competitive rates


Ken Anderson

Ken Anderson