Governance of investments

You are responsible for the benefits which your DC pension scheme delivers to its members. Appropriate investment governance will help your scheme to achieve:

  • Valued member benefits through improved risk management, performance and efficiency

  • Compliance within the Pension Regulator’s code of practice

Our experts can support these goals through the selection, review, monitoring and adjustment of:

  • Default investment options

  • Self-select options’ range and appropriateness

  • Fund managers

  • Fund charges – members receiving good value for money

Investment consulting: maximising member benefit

Our experts have years of experience in evaluating and optimising investment strategies.  Some of the investment strategies we have supported include:

  • Lifestyle strategy

  • ​Self-select investment options

  • Multi-asset strategy

Outsourcing options

If you would like to outsource your scheme’s asset allocation and/or investment manager monitoring & selection to experienced professionals, we can help.  We will develop an investment strategy to suit your members’ needs and then review & manage it on your behalf.


Ken Anderson

Ken Anderson