Ensure your scheme is legally compliant and cost-effective.  Important issues include:

  • Member communications

  • Governance structure

  • Regular monitoring & review

Legal compliance is a huge issue for every pension scheme and it's important that you are aware of the legal issues surrounding your pension scheme.  For example, many employers are not aware that they are providing financial advice (which is rigorously regulated) when they are offering:

  • Bespoke communications

  • Support for investment decisions

  • Default selection of an investment option

We can help you design and/or manage your DC pension scheme to take account of all these issues. To help make sure that your scheme is cost effective and legally compliant, we can advise on:

  • Structure of governance committee / trustee board

  • Monitoring & review activities

We’ll help you ensure that your pension scheme benefits from governance that‘s both cost-effective and legally compliant.


Ken Anderson

Ken Anderson