Mergers & Acquisitions


If you want to buy, sell or merge with another company, the presence of a DB (Defined Benefit) pension scheme can make things very difficult.  We can help you rapidly assess a scheme’s liabilities and risks.


Our experts can quickly provide you with clarity on the historic situation of a DB pension scheme.  Some of the important questions we will ask on your behalf will include:

  • Liabilities

Have the scheme’s liabilities been calculated appropriately? 

  • ‘Hidden deficits’

Are the scheme’s assumptions sound, or are there ‘hidden deficits’?

  • Data accuracy 

Is member and benefit data correct and up-to–date?

  • Legal issues

Is the scheme properly constituted and compliant?


Using our market-leading modeling tool ‘ModelSolutions’, we will also model all the potential options for the scheme’s future management. This will allow you to make decisions based on a highly accurate risk profile.

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