Exit Management


Our experts will help you to design and implement a Journey Plan to reduce and eventually remove DB (Defined Benefit) liabilities. 


A Journey Plan is a multi-stage process to reduce and eventually remove your exposure to DB liabilities.  Our experts will work with you to develop a bespoke Journey Plan for your organisation.  The top-level stages of a Journey Plan usually include:

  1. Data and Benefits Audit

    We conduct a data & benefits audit to ensure that you are paying an appropriate level of benefits.  This review of your scheme’s data and rules will help to avoid any significant over or under-payments.


  2. Investments and dynamic de-risking

    Planning to optimise your investments in order to help future-proof your scheme

  3. Liability and risk reduction 

    Restructuring your scheme’s benefits to better meet your and your members’ needs

  4. Monitoring 

    Keeping track of progress against your journey plan and being ready to act at the right time

  5. Risk removal/decommissioning 

    Finally, we would work with you to manage the outsourcing of liabilities and the removal of the risk 

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