Buy-ins & Buy-outs


2014 was a record year for the pensions insurance market, with more than £12 billion of buy-ins and buy-outs being written. With continuing market innovation we expect this market to continue to grow.


Xafinity’s approach is focussed on helping clients transact at the right time (when pricing is most attractive), rather than transacting on an arbitrary date when pricing may or may not be attractive. By doing so, clients can typically save c. 5-10% on the price of their policy. Such savings can easily amount to several millions of pounds. To facilitate this we have developed a new and unique platform called XafinityInsure.

XafinityInsure - Unique buyins & buyouts platform


XafinityInsure is an online system that monitors actual (not estimated) insurance prices on a daily basis. This enables schemes who are ‘transaction ready’ to monitor prices from a number of insurers on a real time basis and transact very quickly (within 2 weeks) when a market opportunity arises.


All seven of the insurers active in the bulk annuity market have agreed to participate on XafinityInsure. 


Specialist dedicated pensions insurance team

We have a specialist dedicated pensions insurance team comprising transaction experts from a range of backgrounds including Scheme Actuary, corporate pensions advisory and pensions administration.


This ensures our solutions are comprehensive and consider the interests of all of the relevant stakeholders. In addition, our team includes former members (and leaders) of insurance broking teams from our competitors as well as ‘in-house’ experience of deal origination, pricing and execution from within the bulk annuity market. This therefore brings together a wide variety and depth of experience with unrivalled insight / knowledge into the way insurance companies work.


Of the projects where we were lead advisor in 2014, 90% successfully transacted. We are extremely proud of this success rate which compares to an average completion rate of c. 25% across the market. The largest pension scheme for which we acted as lead advisor in 2014 has assets in excess of £2 billion.


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Buy-ins & Buy-outs: Our innovative approach


New Guide to Medically-Underwritten Policies

One particular type of pensions insurance policy is known as "Medically-Underwritten Bulk Annuities."  Having been at the forefront of this market since its inception, Xafinity are part of an industry group that has written a guide to these policies. This guide can be downloaded here.


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