Pensions Cost Accounting


Pensions costs can have a huge impact on your annual accounts. 

Our experts can help you to use the accounting standards’ (be they IAS 19, FRS 17 or FAS 132) flexibility to report your pension liabilities in the way that best suits your circumstances.


Our services

  • Projections and modelling

    We can help you to plan and budget for the future.  This can include modelling the accounting impact of a variety of pensions events, including: ​

    • Investment strategy updates

    • Benefit changes

    • Scheme closure

    • Corporate restructure

    • Accounting standards updates

    • Liability management exercises (for example: buy-in, buy-out, transfer value exercise or pension increase exchange)

  • Assumptions advice 

    Our experts can offer advice on a range of acceptable assumptions, the headline figures’ sensitivity to changes and how to benchmark against other companies.

  • Draft disclosures

    We can adapt our delivery deadlines to meet  your required timescales.

  • Reporting

    Full, detailed reports of your processes and decisions will help you to develop a deeper understanding of the accounting disclosures.  It will also provide a full audit trail to answer any questions from the auditors.

  • Auditors

    Our experts have years of experience on both sides of the table - working on major accounting firms’ audit teams, as well as presenting corporate accounts to auditors.  As such, we are ideally placed to negotiate any proposed assumptions with your auditors.

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Example: flexible accounting for pension costs

All 3 accounting standards (IAS 19, FRS 17 or FAS 132) require pension costs to be calculated by reference to corporate bond yields.  However, it’s important to appreciate that -1% in yield is equivalent to +20% pension costs for the typical corporate pension scheme.

This means that the bond yield that you choose as a reference point will have a huge impact on your calculated pension costs.  This chart (see below) shows the wide disparity in bond yields that you could choose as a reference point. 

Actuarial Graph 2

We’ve discovered that several major audit firms are setting relatively low yield base points (leading to increased projected pension costs).


Our experts have successfully negotiated higher yield base points, leading to significant reductions in balance sheet deficits and profit / loss charges.

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