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We can help you to negotiate an appropriate funding scheme strategy with the trustees of your DB (Defined Benefit) pension scheme.  Issues include: early engagement, risk management and actuarial assumptions.


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Benefits – appropriate funding strategy

A well-designed DB pension scheme can help you to manage your cash flow through regular, predictable sponsor contributions.  Our experts can help you engage and negotiate with your scheme’s trustees in order to agree a mutually-beneficial funding strategy.

Our approach

  • Plan

A clear picture of your scheme’s financial state will help you to agree a mutually attractive solution with its trustees.  Our experts will assess the scheme’s position before negotiations, giving you the opportunity to lead the conversation. 

  • Early engagement

Your scheme’s valuation will involve a wide range of stakeholders (including: employer, any parent company, trustees and members).  We will help you to effectively engage your stakeholders in the valuation process.  

  • Risk management

Many potential risks impact your scheme’s financial position (including: financial, demographic, covenant and operational). Our experts will help you to identify and manage those risks, thereby controlling the funding position.

  • Actuarial assumptions

The assumptions that your scheme’s actuary uses for the valuation will have a huge impact on its outcome.  We will help you to identify those assumptions which are overly-cautious and then negotiate with the actuary.  Our experts have years of experience working as – and negotiating with – actuaries.

  • Documentation 

The valuation process includes detailed agreements on the scheme’s funding strategy and actuarial assumptions.  We will review the documentation to ensure it accurately reflects your negotiated position.

  • Monitoring

Your scheme’s funding position will continue to evolve over time.  That makes it critical that you continue to monitor the situation.  Our interactive tools allow us to cost-effectively track your scheme’s financial position..

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Example: modelling software

Our ‘ModelSolutions’ software can help you to find the best strategy for your scheme by comparing alternative strategies against your business objectives.  Some of the circumstances which could be modelled include:

  • Closure or sale of scheme

  • Retirement age change, removal of ‘extras’

  • Restriction of benefits 

  • Deferred rights buy-out or transfer-out  

  • Pensioner liabilities buy-out (all or part)  

  • Contributions increase  

  • Asset reallocation against a new risk strategy

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