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Challenges of DB (Defined Benefit) schemes

If you have a DB scheme, you might find that it’s causing you some business issues.  Some of the most common issues that we help businesses to overcome include:

  • Operational flexibility

Your business might be limited in terms of: cashflow requirements, mergers & acquisitions; shareholder dividends and refinancing.

  • Costs

Difficult economic conditions and regulatory input may mean there is pressure on employers to accelerate scheme funding. Also, the levies you have to pay to the Pension Protection Fund may have increased.

  • Financial flexibility

Finance Directors may have to deal with: balance sheet volatility; higher risk profiles and restrictions on corporate restructuring.


Our services

Pensions costs can have a huge impact on your annual accounts. Our experts can use the accounting standards’ flexibility (be they IAS 19, FRS 17 or FAS 132) to improve your perceived financial position.

Our modelling software allows you to compare alternative strategies and find the best strategy for your scheme. 

Returns & invoices; Predicting future levies; Experian Failure Scores; Levy reduction actions.

Dealing with redundancies can be stressful and complicated. Our experts can manage any (or all) of the process for you, from plan/budget to implementation.


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Our Exit Management services can help manage your exit from a DB scheme.

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