Actuarial Valuations


Our actuaries work closely with a scheme’s trustees to support them in devising an appropriate funding plan.  We can, for example, offer advice on the issues that you should consider in order to fulfill your duty to a scheme’s members.  Our experts can also support you in negotiations with a scheme’s sponsors.


We believe that actuarial advice needs to be clear and easy to understand, as well as technically correct and accurate.  It’s for that reason that we’ll always use plain English in all our communications with you.


Strategy modelling software 

Our online monitoring tool Model Solutions helps Trustees to understand valuation results and supports better decision making.


ModelSolutions can, for example, support your negotiations with a scheme sponsor by allowing you to create a real-time model of any proposal's impact.  Our consultants will work with you to use this modelling tool, in order to help explore options and support better decision-making.


Mortality analysis

If your scheme is small to medium–sized, then you might not have enough mortality data to conduct a meaningful analysis.  We can help by analysing your scheme’s membership and relating it to standard mortality tables. This will help your trustees to evaluate the scheme’s mortality assumptions and any associated issues.

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