Actuarial & Defined Benefit Pension Consulting


We’re proud of our strong background in actuarial and DB (Defined Benefit) consulting. We deliver actuarial services to over 250 schemes, including several multi–employer arrangements. Our advice is always timely, transparent and relevant.  Here are some of the ways we could help you:

  • Actuarial valuations

    Our actuaries will help you to develop an appropriate funding plan.  Our unique software (ModelSolutions) allows us to model different strategies and compare the results.

  • Funding monitoring

    Our modelling software can help you monitor and manage your scheme’s funding.  Features include: daily data, multiple basis tracking and de-risking triggers. 

Employers may have to deal with balance sheet volatility; higher risk profiles and restrictions on corporate restructuring. Xafinity can help businesses to overcome some of the most common issues including operational and costs.


You might also be interested in our Investment Services for Defined Benefit schemes, showing how our actuaries work closely with our investment consultants to ensure you receive ‘joined-up’ funding advice.

Business Development

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