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In this issue...

  • The Chancellor’s Autumn Statement

  • Recovering over payments from members

  • Pension Schemes Bill

  • National Pension Trust receives Retirement Quality Mark

  • Consultation on GMP equalisation

In this issue...

  • An(other) extension to the VAT deadline

  • Transfer values hit all-time highs

  • Unauthorised payment surcharges

  • Providing DB members with IFA access

  • Insurance Act 2015

In this issue...

  • Applying for Lifetime Allowance Protection

  • DC Code of Practice

  • Brexit, Gilt Yields and Funding Levels

  • VAT and Pension Schemes

In this issue...

  • BHS and Integrated Risk Management

  • British Steel Pension Scheme

  • Fixed and individual protection

  • Medically underwritten bulk annuities

  • Member understanding and intentions survey

In this issue...

  • Budget 2016

  • Bulk annuity market update

  • Pension scams update

  • Emerging area: Medically underwritten mortality studies

In this issue...

  • Scheme deficits in a time of market volatility

  • DC default investment strategies

  • Likely changes to pensions tax relief next month

  • Dealing with the 2015 changes to tax relief

  • New code of practice for incentive exercises

  • Freedom and Choice Conference: 1 March 2016

In this issue...

  • Integrated Risk Management

  • New DC Code of Practice

  • Applying for Individual or Fixed Protection 2016: Interim Process

  • Upcoming Conference – 1 March 2016 in London​

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In this issue...

  • The Chancellor’s Autumn Statement

  • An update on Lifetime Allowance Protection

  • The latest in the saga around VAT on pension services

  • An update on the first six months of Freedom and Choice

  • A reminder about changes to pension scheme accounts

This month’s issue looks at the first 6 months of Freedom and Choice, with a particular focus on Defined Contribution pension schemes.

In this issue...

  • FRS 102 - Are you prepared?

  • Refunding an ongoing funding surplus

  • PPF draft determination

  • Pension scams

  • DB transfer activity - latest update on quotation volumes

In this issue...

  • Changes to pensions tax relief – an update

  • Volume of transfer quotation requests

  • Investment: our thoughts on diversified lending

  • DC exit charges and the pension transfer process

  • Buy-in/out market developments

In this issue...

  • Changes to the taxation of pension benefits

  • Introducing non-pensionable salary increases: “Implied duty” of good faith

  • DC scheme return 2015

  • 10 interesting facts about trivial commutation

In this issue...

  • Forthcoming changes to pensions taxation likely

  • The Pensions Regulator’s funding statement 2015

  • Have DB to DC transfers increased?

  • PPF CEO disappointed by low LDI take-up

  • Providing DC flexibility - how Xafinity can help

  • Upcoming events

  • InTouch: May 2015

In this issue...

  • Pensions Regulator issues final guidance on DB to DC transfers

  • The end of contracting-out – decisions required by all schemes currently open

In this issue...

  • Pension implications of the 2015 General Election

  • New Code of Good Practice on Pension Liberation

  • Pension changes in the 2015 Budget

  • InTouch: February 2015

In this issue...

  • Pensions Regulator urges Trustee action on DB to DC transfers

  • Johnson review of inflation measures

  • Treatment of pensions on bankruptcy

  • Pension Schemes Bill

  • Time-limited transfer opportunity for certain members

  • Auto Enrolment

  • Forthcoming PPF deadlines

  • Trustee training - topical sessions

  • Forthcoming webinar - 'Freedom and Choice in reality'

In this issue...

  • Freedom and Choice: Our recent online seminar 

  • Pension liberation

  • PPF Final Determination

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