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In this issue...

  • TPR continues drive to improve governance

  • Improved Member Awareness and avoiding scams

  • FCA makes Market Investigation Reference for investment consultancy services

In this issue...

  • Freedom & Choice - 2 years on

  • The Pensions Regulator’s renewed emphasis on Integrated Risk Management

  • Fiduciary Management and the FCA

In this issue...

  • UK election: where next for pensions?

  • EU General Data Protection Regulations

  • TPR’s annual funding statement: The regulator strikes back?

In this issue...

  • Consultation on PPF Levies from 2018

  • Changes to Experian Scores

  • Snap UK Election Leads to Partial Pensions Paralysis

In this issue...

  • The Budget

  • The Pensions Green Paper

In this issue...

  • Member understanding survey: General levels
    of understanding

  • Understanding of options

  • How will members plan their retirement?

In this issue...

  • The Chancellor’s Autumn Statement

  • Recovering over payments from members

  • Pension Schemes Bill

  • National Pension Trust receives Retirement Quality Mark

  • Consultation on GMP equalisation

In this issue...

  • An(other) extension to the VAT deadline

  • Transfer values hit all-time highs

  • Unauthorised payment surcharges

  • Providing DB members with IFA access

  • Insurance Act 2015

In this issue...

  • Applying for Lifetime Allowance Protection

  • DC Code of Practice

  • Brexit, Gilt Yields and Funding Levels

  • VAT and Pension Schemes

In this issue...

  • BHS and Integrated Risk Management

  • British Steel Pension Scheme

  • Fixed and individual protection

  • Medically underwritten bulk annuities

  • Member understanding and intentions survey

In this issue...

  • Budget 2016

  • Bulk annuity market update

  • Pension scams update

  • Emerging area: Medically underwritten mortality studies

In this issue...

  • Scheme deficits in a time of market volatility

  • DC default investment strategies

  • Likely changes to pensions tax relief next month

  • Dealing with the 2015 changes to tax relief

  • New code of practice for incentive exercises

  • Freedom and Choice Conference: 1 March 2016

In this issue...

  • Integrated Risk Management

  • New DC Code of Practice

  • Applying for Individual or Fixed Protection 2016: Interim Process

  • Upcoming Conference – 1 March 2016 in London​

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