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Broadcast: 06 December 2017


Fiduciary Management is firmly in the spotlight as it has grown in popularity. However, the CMA investigation has put it even further into the spotlight, somewhat for the wrong reasons, questioning how it is ‘sold’ to schemes and whether it actually adds value.


On this webinar, Xafinity, in conjunction with Paul Black from Capital Cranfield Trustees will discuss:

  • When Fiduciary Management might be appropriate and when not;

  • How to select the right Fiduciary Manager and ensure your selection follows best practice;

  • How to assess whether your Fiduciary Manager is doing a good job; and

  • The changes we might see to Fiduciary Management on the back of the CMA investigation.

Broadcast: 11 July 2017


If you’re already a Trustee, you may be thinking 'when will it end?'  If you’re a new Trustee, you could be forgiven for thinking 'where do I start?'
It's not surprising: the pressure and demands on Trustees of pension schemes have never been greater.


On this webinar we consider the changing course for Trustees and how best you can successfully clear the hurdles ahead.

Broadcast: 30 June 2016


We are starting to see the immediate ramifications of the recent historic vote to leave the EU.  

This webinar discusses the implications for schemes resulting from Brexit, including the investment implications and how you might respond to these emerging events.

Broadcast: 13 April 2016


Xafinity helped 50 clients undertake trivial commutation exercises in 2015 which made it the most popular form of liability management over the year. As well as being popular with clients, these exercises also proved to be popular with members, with 9 out of 10 members engaging with the exercise in some way.


On this webinar, Xafinity, in conjunction with Pinsent Masons and PAN Trustees:

  • Share their collective experience of designing & implementing an exercise

  • Consider an exercise in the context of the recently published Code of Practice

  • Run through a case study of a scheme that recently carried out an exercise

  • Talk about typical member behaviour

  • Give an overview of the financial outcomes for schemes that have completed an exercise 

Broadcast: 26 January 2016


The Pensions Regulator expects that trustees adopt an integrated approach to the management of employer covenant, investment and funding risks. “Integrated Risk Management” is therefore increasingly becoming a key area of focus for pension schemes, sponsors, their advisors, and the Regulator itself.