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  • Making Fiduciary Management Work For You - Getting under the bonnet


    Time & Date: 06 December 2017 at 11am


    Fiduciary Management is firmly in the spotlight as it has grown in popularity. However, the CMA investigation has put it even further into the spotlight, somewhat for the wrong reasons, questioning how it is ‘sold’ to schemes and whether it actually adds value. 


    On this webinar, Andre Kerr, Head of Fiduciary Management Oversight at Xafinity, in conjunction with Paul Black from Capital Cranfield Trustees will discuss:


    • When Fiduciary Management might be appropriate and when not;

    • How to select the right Fiduciary Manager and ensure your selection follows best practice;

    • How to assess whether your Fiduciary Manager is doing a good job; and

    • The changes we might see to Fiduciary Management on the back of the CMA investigation.

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