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At Xafinity we understand that starting with a new company can be a daunting experience. Because of this we have an induction programme that provides an introduction to Xafinity, our values and our working practices, both Company wide and locally.


Personal Development Reviews (PDR)

To enable employees to understand their and the organisation's objectives, to maximise their potential, and to reach career goals we operate an annual performance review process which we call PDR. Line managers are encouraged to conduct regular team meetings and quarterly one to one performance reviews throughout the year feeding into an overall annual performance review.  The PDR is a documented process to ensure that all Xafinity employees are appraised in a similar and formalised way at regular times each year. 
The process is driven by both line managers and employees through self-review and discussion. Objective setting, as part of the process, ensures all our employees are aware of their performance targets for the appraisal year and that these are linked to our overall Department and Company objectives to ensure everyone is ‘pulling in the same direction’.


Learning & Development

At Xafinity we recognise that the success of everything we do depends ultimately on the capability and commitment of our people. We will support our employees to excel in what they do by reviewing training needs and providing learning and development interventions as appropriate.   


As well as guided learning individuals are also encouraged to study for professional qualifications, such as those offered by the Pensions Management Institute or indeed any other relevant professional body whereby the qualification achieved is of direct relevance to your role.


Career Progression

At Xafinity we appreciate that our employees may wish to develop their careers in different ways and we encourage career progression conversations between employees and their line manager as part of quarterly one to one’s and annual performance review.  Once this information is obtained we can support employees in developing and pursuing their career aspirations within Xafinity by providing them with access to the relevant information and opportunities to do so.    



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