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As we run up to opening applications for our 2017 graduate recruitment intake, we will be providing a series of articles about what life at Xafinity is really like. Covering applications, work, study and play at Xafinity, the X-perience will give you the insights of recent graduates who have been through the application process and are now members of the Xafinity team across our offices. Keep checking back for the latest X-perience and also check out our student profiles.

“Xafinity’s study package allows you to take the day off before an exam along with the whole of the exam day.”

"There is more structure when it comes to working life, there is no longer the freedom to sleep in until 2pm or go several days at a time without doing any work, as some students may choose to do."

"The Sports and Social events helped me bond with my colleagues very quickly and shows Xafinity’s friendly and supportive culture extends beyond the office."

"After the run finished we gathered back at the meeting point to sit in the sunshine for something to eat and drink; while posing for pictures in our swanky finishers T-Shirts."

Pensions’ specialists continue their winning run with a convincing 3-1 win over Renault XI at Brunel University on Monday.

"Since qualifying I have found that I have been given more responsibility in the office."

"It’s very clichéd to say, but day to day my job is very rarely the same."

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